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The Fertility Concierge

Gain more clarity through the first fertility treatment using medical grade wearable technology & artificial intelligence. We understand it can be frustrating not knowing why you might struggle with fertility, which is why we use the most advanced technology to help our patients become more stress resilient. 

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What we do:

We help increase your probability of conceiving with our expert-backed, non-invasive fertility solution.

Cost effective

Our solution is 90% cheaper than other leading fertility treatments.

Time Efficient

Stress Resiliency: Wear our belt for only two minutes per day and follow our recommended program for the day.

Cycle Monitoring: Access your physician through our virtual fertility clinic, on your schedule. 


Initial research has indicated a 70% conception rate through utilizing The Fertility Concierge. 

It’s simple

How does it work?

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Visit a local diagnostic centre on your own schedule and we will work with you, the diagnostic technicians and your physician to provide the best care possible.  

Having trouble conceiving?

Introducing The Fertility Concierge

Fertility treatments can be expensive, time-consuming, invasive and incredibly stressful. The Fertility Concierge helps increase your chances of conception by changing your physiology by helping you become more stress resilient.

Through breakthrough combinations of technologies that increase your probability of conceiving. The creation of bespoke daily recommendations help you manage your stress through remote daily assessment of your physiology on a medical grade wearable technology with data analyzed by an expert system. Daily Adaptive Activity Programs help you build your resistance to stress. A reduction in stress has been shown to increase the chance of conceiving with early subjects showing a 70% fertility success rate in 6 months.


What we do

The science behind the fertility concierge

No matter where you are in your conception journey, let the science of The Fertility Concierge assist your body’s readiness to conceive and help you manage a healthy pregnancy.

The monitoring belt measures your body’s key physiological signals and the app provides recommendations to optimize your functional state (think: physiological readiness to achieve your goal).

Gain control of your health and wellness by using this intuitive device for minutes each morning. Your daily physiological readings are tracked and instantly uploaded for processing and tailored recommendations will be sent to you to use throughout the day.

Start each day with intention and clarity by utilizing the recommendations of The Fertility Concierge app.

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Studies show that 70% of couples that were previously unsuccessful with other fertility treatments were able to conceive within 6 months of using The Fertility Concierge.

My husband and I were trying for years, spent tens of thousands of dollars on every conceivable treatment we could find. This solution was easy to use and follow. We conceived within one year of monitoring and could not be happier. This has changed our lives.
– 37 year old female, Calgary, AB

This solution has given me an element of control back. It has removed the uncertainty and questions of: could I do more? Daily recommendations gave me peace of mind. Not only that, but we were also able to conceive faster and without the need to spend a fortune.
– 33 year old female, San Francisco, CA


Expert Consensus

“I believe this will be the first line of treatment that every physician recommends and every couple struggling with infertility will use.”

Dr. Alex Patel, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC

Chief Medical Officer, New Horizons Fertility

“Alleviating physiological and psychological distress in infertile women makes it easier for them to get pregnant.”

Dr. Alice Domar, PhD

Director of Mind/Body Programs for Infertility at Boston IVF, Author of “Conquering Infertility”

“By addressing infertility and stress it brings into focus the concept of treating infertility so that struggling couples can have emotional comfort and control as well.”

Dr. Alan DeCherney, MD

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

Frequently asked questions

For more information or any other questions, please contact

What exactly is The Fertility Concierge?

The Fertility Concierge has developed a breakthrough protocol which consists of proprietary software combined with medical grade wearable technology. The Fertility Concierge utilizes tremendous amounts of biometric data to deliver bespoke behaviour modification solutions to patients, leading to a near 70% fertility success rate within 6 months.

Can I share this information with a healthcare provider?

Yes! Due to the precision of our data, healthcare providers and consumers can receive longitudinal data connected to their health outcomes leading to better decisions. 

Who needs to use the fertility concierge?

Any couple or individual looking to conceive will benefit from subscribing to The Fertility Concierge & following the daily solutions.

How about single moms by choice?

Anyone trying to get pregnant through the assistance of a fertility specialist will benefit from our product.

What Recommendations do i receive while using the fertility concierge?

Each day, following your physiological assessment with the belt, you will get program recommendations tailored to your body. These will look like “do this” and “don’t do this”.

An example of recommendations would be activities, nutrition, rest and recovery that are tailored to your body and intended to keep you in the best physiological zone to conceive. Our research partners at Harvard and the University of Calgary have worked hard to identify the best zone and the results speak for themselves. We are excited for you to work with us on your fertility journey.

Can you use The fertility concierge while doing assisted reproductive technologies (ART)?
Yes, because the Fertility Concierge is measuring your daily stress, helping you to manage your stress and become more stress resistant, it will be a beneficial to any treatment process.
Does The Fertility Concierge Support LGBTQ+ Couples?

Yes, The Fertility Concierge is inclusive of all people and all relationships. The belt and the app would be required for anyone involved in ART.

Does The Fertility Concierge Help With Male Fertility?

Our recommendations are for both female and male fertility care.The Fertility Concierge will provide tailored recommendations to increase sperm count and motility.

What is the cost of The Fertility Concierge?

If you are selected for our early access program, you will pay a one time cost of $120 CAD for our wearable belt technology plus $39/month CAD for the app. If you sign up today but are not selected for our beta program, you will still receive the app at a discounted rate once it is available. Regular cost is $99/month CAD. 

What features does the medical grade wearable technology contain?

  • ECG – 500 Hz Sample rate (compared to just 80-120 Hz on Apple Watch)
  • Heart rate in load measurement
  • Temperature
  • Electrodermal Activity (DC potential/brain activity)
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Accelerometer Sensor
  • Altitude Detection
How does the product make recommendations?
Human’s thrive when they have a manageable amount of stress and can avoid too much distress. Daily monitoring allows TFC to help you navigate the stress and distress in your life and provides a pathway to build your resistance to all stressors helping you achieve your personal goals
Can you use this while pregnant?

Yes, once you have conceived, the Fertility Concierge will continue to help you track how your body is adapting to all the stressors in your life. It will help you make adjustments to your activities and manage your stress to ensure the healthiest possible pregnancy.


90% cheaper. Wear our technology for only 2 minutes per day. 70% success rate.