About Us at
New Horizons Medical

We are a team of doctors and researchers who are passionate about improving fertility outcomes for our patients. We offer traditional fertility treatments at our location in Toronto as well as digital and tele-health options for patients across the globe through our innovative solution, The Fertility Concierge. 

Our mission is to give every couple the opportunity to fulfil their dreams of building a family. Our compassionate team will provide exceptional care – ensuring comfort, consistency, and utilization of technological adaptability.

At New Horizons we believe in the unique qualities of each individual’s care. Our philosophy is to put our client first, and to strive for the best possible outcomes in health and wellness.

Community Based

Established in a community close to home, we use a philosophical approach in which communities can have an active role and participate in highlighting and addressing the issues that matter to them. Our target is to assist in the right to participate in making decisions which affect your life as well as your right to information and transparency from those responsible for providing assistance. This challenges members to identify what the issues are and to work together to address those concerns.

Experience Focused

At New Horizons Medical our primary care model is focused on providing you a quality, high-class experience with streamlined access to all aspects of care within one encounter. Seeking to change the current ideas of work-up, monitoring, and treatment. Health care that is relationship-based with an orientation toward the whole person. Partnering with patients and their families requires understanding and respecting each patient’s unique needs, culture, values, and preferences.


New Horizons Medical is driven by the application of a Digital Coach providing daily insights with remote monitoring by making practical and effective use of a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with using smart tools capable of performing tasks that typically require face-to-face interaction. These tools function as your personal pregnancy concierge and act as an interactive assistant that will help manage cycles, prescriptions, bookings, and answer questions– maximizing the support of mother’s and developing baby’s health while minimizing the number of appointments.

End-to-end partnership

New Horizons Medical is a family centered facility with multiple practitioners to meet the daily needs of any persons seeking health services. Multiple services are offered here, you will have access to General Practitioners, OBGYN specialists, Fertility, Pharmacy, Lab services, Diagnostic Imaging services.


New Horizons has a wide ranging number of services to meet your needs.